Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey Guys!

Hey, my Runescape name is Wbd. I've been playing since 2002 and never really played a lot up until this past summer. I play for fun. I don't take things to seriously because there's no point. Feel free to add me I'm always up for a chat. If you want to pm me on irc my nick is Corn. I'm gonna keep track of my goals, and achievements; quests, pks (there's gonna be a lot :p) and just anything I do on Runescape.

Those are my stats. I know they're pretty lame, including the 71 defence lol. But I'm happy that I got turmoil recently.
I don't have that many goals right now...
This was just something I wanted to share :p Many more to come, along with a full video.


  1. very nice account bro! I like the post and am looking forward to what you have to post!

  2. Ah good old runescape never gets old, looking forward to see what you have to say on it!

  3. Seeing more and more runescape on many sites. Maybe I sould try starting it again :D

    nice blog

  4. Never played runescape my self but know a few people that do.

  5. Damn, impressive! I just started playing again on a new account and I've got to say, RS sure has changed since back in '06!

  6. Oh lord. I started playing when you did but fell out of it! I'll follow and add you in game too when I pick it back up. Im glad they reopened the Wilderness and reinstated free trade though!

  7. It's nice to see this game's community is still active after all these years. I only played briefly when it was in its early days, nowhere near to the level you got to. I'll be watching this blog for future updates.